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 [Tutorial] Daffy's Glowing Edges

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MensajeTema: [Tutorial] Daffy's Glowing Edges   Vie Dic 04, 2009 12:14 am

I've always wanted to do a glowing edges effect and i don't think i'm alone... i found out how to do it earlier today and here's my way to achieve it...thanks to evilegrob for the inspiration.
Watch this...

Step 1:
First off we need two Tracks/Layers, start off by creating these 2 and set the Compositing Mode mode on the top one to Add.
Then hit Track FX so we can add the filters we need.

Step 2:
A list of filters should now be appear, we're gonna use Convolution Kernel and Gaussian Blur.
It's important that you add them in the mentioned order.

Step 3:
Time to configure our filters, use the Find Edges preset for Convolution Kernel and for Gaussian Blur use the settings below:
Horizontal Range: 0,010
Vertical Range: 0,010
Leave all channels checked


Now your effect should be complete, note that your outcome may differ from mine because of the footage.
If you want to post this somewhere ask for permission, don't take credit it for it yourself and provide me with a link.
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[Tutorial] Daffy's Glowing Edges
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