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 [Tutorial] Daffy's Color Optimizing

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MensajeTema: [Tutorial] Daffy's Color Optimizing   Vie Dic 04, 2009 12:15 am

This maybe the most underestimated part of editing a movie but in my opinion one of the most important ones.
Nothing is as disturbing as watching a movie with good editing, synching, effects and all that but with some goofy looking colors.
My goal when i optimize colors is to make them look as natural, in other words as close to what they look when you play.
If you wanna go hog wild and achieve some wild west colors you should try to experiment a little.
Be aware that this will cause the preview of your movie to have less fps so may advice is to do this when you're close to finished.

Sony Vegas

Lets get started.

Step 1:
First off we need two tracks/layers so go ahead and create that and add the same clip to both.

Step 2:
Our tools for the task if the filters included in Vegas so press the Track FX on the top track/layer and add the filters listed in the same order as they're shown.
Set the Opacity of the top track/layer to 25% and the Compositing Mode to Hard Light.

• Mask Generator
Type: Green
Low In: 0,050
High In: 0,900
Low Out: 0,150
High Out: 0,800

• Gradient Map
Settings (Select the Blue Light Preset):
0: 0-0-0-0
1: 255-150-50-255
2: 255-255-255-228
Amount: 0,2160
Mode: Blend

• Color Balance
Red: 0,0000
Green: 0,0000
Blue: 0,1000
Preserve Luminosity

Step 3:
Press Track FX on the bottom Track/Layer and add the filters listed below, again add the filters listed in the same order as they're shown.

• Levels
Input Start: 0,050
Input End: 0,925
Output Start: 0,020
Output End: 0,980
Gamma: 1,000

• HSL Adjust
Add to hue: 0
Saturation: 1,07
Luminance: 1,05

• Brightness and Contrast
Brightness: 0,05
Contrast: 0,05
Contrast Center: 0,50

And there, your colors should look a lot better.
I hope you found this useful and helpful, try to experiment to get the colors you like instead of doing the exact same... remember editing is about being creative.

Here's a proof of what this does:

If you want to post this somewhere ask for permission, don't take credit it for it yourself and provide me with a link.
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[Tutorial] Daffy's Color Optimizing
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